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This process makes it possible to create elegant, high-end and detailed customized logos.

This identification technology is used in the textile industry to create superior-quality results regardless of the quantity or the number of colours.

Our equipment includes single- and multiple-head units that provide us with the flexibility to meet our clientele’s specific requirements and fill orders on time, even on tight deadlines.

Benefits :
  • Logos can be incorporated onto almost any kind of textile
  • Highly resistant and guarantees durability over time
  • Full colour
  • Highly wash-resistant


This is a customized technique that uses a stencil-based printing process to force ink onto clothing. The logo is repeatedly printed with different ink colours, then heated into the fabric for a permanent finish.

It’s usually the best option when printing a large number of items.

Benefits :
  • Easily handles very large quantities
  • High-precision
  • Wash resistant
  • Enables an ink deposit that ensures vivid, durable colours and good opacity


This method prints a colour image on a transfer film, which is then heat-pressed onto a wide variety of fabrics.

Benefit :
  • Ideal for gradients and special orders (e.g., printing numbers on the back of team jerseys).


This method will fasten a piece of fabric (jersey, felt, fleece or polyester) onto a product using a heat press and/or embroidery.

Benefit :
  • Ideal for creating store-quality jerseys!


Sublimation is a process that changes a substance from a solid state to a gaseous state without transforming it into a liquid. The desired design is printed on paper, heated at high temperatures, and finally transferred onto specific fabrics, where its richly detailed colours will remain bright even after multiple washes.

Benefits :
  • Enables the reproduction of images that are very close to the original in terms of colours and gradients
  • All the elements and quality of the original picture are perfectly captured on the fabric, since images are sublimated in high definition
  • The surface of the printed product remains smooth
  • Since the colours permeate the fabric, the image is permanent and does not peel
  • Flawless durability over time

Digital printing

This involves printing on fabrics using an ink-jet printer, with all colours being transposable. It enables patterns to be reproduced right down to the tiniest detail.

Benefits :
  • All colour gradients are possible
  • Highly resistant


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