Diversity and quality

Small details make a big difference!


Laurent (Larry) Malette establishes Les Entreprises Malco Enr. and sets up business in a small office on Main Street. Mr. Malette offers a limited selection of promotional items, such as ashtrays, pens, t-shirts and rulers.

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This proves to be a banner year thanks to the Province of Quebec’s decision to remove front licence plates on vehicles. This creates the opportunity to produce decorative plates with striking designs for many organizations, including the Quebec Nordiques and the Carnaval de Quebec.

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Enterprises Malco Enr. becomes Publicité Malga Inc.

Syd Lemere

Syd Lemere joins Mr. Malette as a shareholder and becomes sales manager for the Montreal region. During his 20 years with the team, he would contribute many valuable ideas and concepts the helped the company build its market share.

Martin malette

Mr. Malette’s son Martin Malette joins the Malga team at this time. He would remain with the company for almost 25 years, where he was renowned for his originality, energy and imagination.

Richard malette

Another of Mr. Malette’s sons, Richard Malette, joins the team. He would soon become the head of the company. Richard is a genuine, honest and creative person who lives for his work and is passionate about each project. Even today, he continues to make a lasting impression in the industry wherever he goes.


Malga receives a major prize from the industry, taking home a gold award of excellence for the best corporate program in Canada. The contributions of a stong team with innovative, creative ideas enables the company to achieve major successes.

MALGA moves

Malga moves to a new office (2,000 sq. ft.) located on Boivin Boulevard in Granby, due to the company’s remarkable growth. Its clientele now extends across Canada and the United States.

of the year

For the second time in four years, the company receives a prestigious award, this time as distributor of the year in Eastern Canada.

17 000 sq. ft.

Moving time! After just three years, the company realizes that 2,000 sq. ft. won’t be enough to keep meeting demand. Malga finds itself a new permanent home on Georges-Cros St. in a space covering a total of 17,000 sq.ft.

turnkey services

Malga adds another weapon to its arsenal: an integrated embroidery department that enables the team to offer turnkey services from development through delivery for selected products.

25 employees

The Malga team now counts 25 employees !


Malga establishes a service for developing distribution plans and online stores for franchises, national groups, tiered associations as well as other organizations that need to distribute items to their members.

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Malga celebrates its 35th anniversary and the team is also recognized by its peers with four prestigious awards:

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gold excellence

Malga receives another gold Excellence Award in the Service/Professional companies category.

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four core values

Malga redefines itself by reassessing its vision and mission. The team meets to establish four core values which are fundamental to the reality of our business and day-to-day work.

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Dominic Côté

Dominic Côté joins as a shareholder and is now acting as C.E.O. Richard Malette continues as President while serving a number of major clients.

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4 national awards

Once again, Malga stands out at the PPPC Image Award Gala. Going head-to head with industry giants, the team claims four more National Awards, including two gold trophies.

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40 years

Over the course of more than 40 years, Malga positions itself as one of Canada’s most respected companies in the field of corporate promotional product distribution.

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