Our team is a group of devoted professionals who work closely with our clients to deliver innovative solutions.

We all come from different backgrounds, but are united by a shared commitment: to develop creative ideas that support customers’ brands!


Richard Malette


Role : As President of the company, I want to lead positively, build trust and convey my achievements to my team members.

Strengths : My experience, my patience and my ability to find solutions.

Passions : My family, music, travelling, old movies … I could easily list twenty more!

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Chief Executive Officer

Role : I manage the operations of the company. I work to define strategic orientations and objectives in a perspective of continuous development. I offer daily support to employees to work towards a common goal.

Strengths : My analytical and judgement skills, my determination, my compassion and my ability to optimize the strengths of every team member.

Passions : My family, support people in their accomplishments, my business and sports of all kinds.

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Isabelle Papineau

Sales Manager

Role : I coordinate the activities of our marketing consultants and make sure to develop and maintain good relationships with major clients. I aim to foster a positive work atmosphere that’s conducive to completing projects successfully. I also make every effort to keep up with the latest trends.

Strengths : I am dynamic, proactive, competitive and down-to-earth. I’m a good listener and able to flexibly adapt to clients’ needs.

Passions : My two sons, the people around me and hockey. I love talking with people, taking care of others (and myself) and developing and maintaining good relationships with our clients.

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Mathieu Boisvert

Account Manager

Role : To develop and maintain Malga’s main programs, update online stores, run promotional campaigns when required, handle special projects and generate new ideas.

Strengths : I’m efficient, dedicated, observant and a good listener.

Passions : The field I work in, being creative, a job well done and making people happy.

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Nancy Lamothe

Marketing Consultant

Role : My mission at Malga is to help the client make the best possible choice. One of my strengths is active listening to identify customer needs, which enables me to find the key elements for their corporate branding and create high-impact promotional items or clothing. Since my goal is to make the purchasing experience pleasant and smooth for customers, I strive to work quickly and adapt to their objectives.

Passions : Music, reading, dancing and my children.

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Marc-André Désilets

Marketing Consultant

Role : To advise, inform and find the product(s) that best suits our clients’ needs. I aim to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction with their purchasing experience.

Strengths : I’m good at communicating, which is an essential part of my life. It helps me maintain good relationships with other people.

Passions : Sports, music, movies and TV shows.

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Isabelle Aubry

Marketing Consultant

15 years experience!

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