Corporate Gifts

A HIGHLY Effective Marketing and Business Tool!


Frequently offered on special business-related occasions (trade shows, conferences, new partnerships, appreciation), corporate gifts are typically aimed at customers, partners, suppliers or employees.

They strengthen existing relationships, build client loyalty and communicate and enhance your company’s brand image.

The Malga team will help you decide on an innovative gift that will let you stand out from the crowd and get people talking.

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Employee Recognition:
A Powerful Driver of Engagement

We will work hand in hand to develop unique programs based on your company’s values that will help reinforce your corporate culture while creating a close-knit work environment.

First, you must determine what should be recognized: the individual? the result? the effort? the work practices?

Then, our team of consultants will help you encourage and motivate your employees by supporting you in selecting the most meaningful gift for them.

Developing your ideas from conception
through delivery of the finished product !