More efficient management

Your own customized

online stores!

We have developed a strong expertise in designing customized online stores for major clients who operate provincial, national and international business networks.

We offer tailored solutions adapted to your needs that will provide you with greater flexibility.

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Benefits :

  • Real-time monitoring of inventory
  • Providing a simple, user-friendly experience for your customers
  • Making strategic choices from a wide range of products
  • 24/7 logistical support
  • Experienced, bilingual customer service
  • Automated inventory management


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We have worked with Malga for many years to offer members of our TruckPro network a host of innovative and practical promotional items, which they can use to promote their business and our network. Thanks to our online store, our members can search for and buy products on their own. If the product they’re looking for isn’t available on our site, the customer service team in charge of our online store always comes up with the requested item quickly.

Besides proposing innovative ideas for all our projects, Malga always provides us with a fast and professional service.

Annie-Élaine Charrette
National Marketing Manager

We have a long-standing business partnership with Malga and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. Malga has a dedicated team that proposes innovative ideas to their clients and provides turnkey services to fulfill our needs.

For us, having an online store is essential. It allows us to offer a variety of promotional products to our franchisees so that they can make independent purchasing decisions while benefiting from preferential pricing thanks to the network’s purchasing power. The support provided by the service centre is always fast and professional—in keeping with Malga’s image.

Mélissa Murphy
Coordinator, Communications and Marketing