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Our top 5 trends for your conventions

Our top 5 trends for your conventions

September 25, 2017

Trade shows, conferences and training sessions, are all opportunities to communicate your brand by offering promotional items. Take advantage of these events to develop your notoriety, present your new products and sell.

Malga has selected customizable items for you to stand out from your competitors with original and creative communications. Colourful, fun and useful items to develop unique and customized marketing strategies.

The following are our top 5 essential items to create the expected impact:

1. The advertising bag

This communication tool becomes very effective once marked with your logo. Distributed to the largest number of people during a show, it turns visitors into billboards. With this free bag, people will promote your brand long after the show is over. We suggest that you choose a sturdy large enough bag with large handles to make sure it can be carried on your customers shoulder with all the objects and brochures picked up from one booth to another.

2. A candy distributor

An excellent communication support to be noticed by your customers! This advertising gift, fresh and tasty, is effective and convenient. Each time your customer will take or offer a mint, your logo or the customized image you choose will have a notable exposure.

3. The anti-stress object

An original, fun and effective communication tool to ensure good visibility for your customers and prospects. It helps to relieve muscle tension thus reducing the overall stress level of the person. It comes in all shapes and textures, and this simple object will bring attention every time!

4. A note pad

The customizable tool that allows you to carry your logo year-round. For those who want to reduce their ecological footprint and propose a sustainable business approach, we recommend the ecological notebooks made from recycled paper. Essential in the office and at home, they become your best allies. They come in all shapes and sizes and will guarantee you a maximum of visibility.

5. The lanyard

The unavoidable promotional item to offer without moderation during your events (trade shows, conventions) to attract new customers. It gives you great visibility throughout the event, and the prospects who wear them will become walking advertising posters for you. 

Be creative, become a leader and display your brand with objects that make sense!

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