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Developing your ideas involves much more than mere brainstorming. Our team combines both creative and technical skills to deliver bold, effective solutions that meet your objectives.

We are your single point of contact taking care of everything from concept development, receiving orders, inventory management, storage, embroidery, distribution, delivery and billing … Your one-stop logistics management solution.

Our corporate culture is founded on trust and transparency. We take pride in developing innovative solutions that demonstrate our passion and commitment to our clients.

Small details make a big difference!

Online Store

We have developed a strong expertise in designing customized online stores for major clients who operate provincial, national and international business networks.


Our experienced staff and the high-quality equipment and raw materials that we use guarantee exceptional products.


Promotional items play an important role in advertising products and services. They can be indispensable to running a successful marketing campaign !


Frequently offered on special business-related occasions, corporate gifts are typically aimed at customers, partners, suppliers or employees.


Malga is constantly innovating. We are driven by your needs and projects, which inspire the team to push further. Whatever you may require, we can make it happen.

An infinite range of
promotional products

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Grove portable juice blender

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The Secrets of
Malga’s Success

Promotional items are an ideal way of communicating simply and effectively with your audience. Unfortunately, these marketing tools are often misused. Discover how to successfully integrate them into your strategy!


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